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is one of the oldest forms of spending time outdoors and is becoming more and more popular because the mountains are unique world and attract a modern man of desperate peace, silence, as well as movements and challenges. These large environments are a unique blend of luxuriant geo and biodiversity in which man has little influence, and the present human community merges with the dominant natural world of the mountain, making the symbiosis of mountain life. That's why mountain areas attract many visitors, from climbers, speleologists and hikers to recreational walkers and runners. Dinaric mountains (Dinarids, Dinaric Alps) represent rare karst phenomena on which specific flora and fauna have been developed, and have great value for preserving world biodiversity. Along with the existing infrastructure (marked trails, mountain facilities) and human capacities (rescue services and professional guides), Dinaric Alps mountains provide countless opportunities for all forms of hiking throughout the year. Peaks, plateaus, shrubs, lakes, forests and meadows invite you for a "dive" to the oasis of freshness and silence and offer upward experiences on their different faces.

Hiking is not a desperate wandering on the hills and conquering peaks. It is an uplifting experience!

Who is your GUIDE?

An Alpinst and Outdoor Woman with 25 Years of Experience

Member of two Croatian female Himalayan expeditions (Cho Oyu 2007, Mount Everest 2009)

Summiter of Mount Everest (21 May 2009)

Member of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Certified Adventure Tourism Guide

Consultant for Nature Protection and Sustainable Tourism

Your guide for active days!

What is Active Tourism?

It is a modern travel philosophy that combines adventure and exploration, movement and learning. It implies enjoying new landscapes, walking, hiking, rock climbing, going down the rapids of rivers, diving into the depths of the sea, cycling, learning new skills, and gaining new friendships and ideas. Numerous active tourism activities can be tailored to different needs and can be completed by all: children and adult, slow and fast, skilful and clumsy persons. Despite the physical effort, movement on pure, clean air fills with strength, pleasure, relieves stress, and offers unforgettable contact with nature. The result is always the same-smiling and happy faces of "adventurous" people. Active vacation is an ideal choice for all those in love with nature and "addicts" about motion and good energy.

Croatia - active tourism destination

Croatia, a country located between the Pannonian Plain, the Dinaric Alps and the Adriatic Sea, is adorned with an exceptional diversity of landscapes. Unique sea landscapes, thousands of bays, peninsulas and islands, beautiful beaches, peaceful and rapid mountain and lowland rivers, Dinaric mountain peaks and deep caves, diverse and rich flora and fauna, all in perfect harmony with a rich cultural heritage, are the reasons why this Mediterranean country is a true paradise for all those seeking an active vacation. Everywhere in the world active tourism has been recording an exceptional increase in popularity, but only the certain programs and trusted destinations have become the adventurism stars. Attractive, majestic relief formations of the Dinaric area are the perfect stage, and the diversity of the natural world embraced with the rich cultural and historical heritage make an original scene for all adventures. Favourable climate conditions throughout the year also invite you into adventure, therefore, come and plunge into mountaineering, hiking, climbing, cycling, canoeing, rafting, sea kayaking or some other form of active tourism, bearing in mind that the real adventurer always needs to be prepared. Along with many natural beauties, the successful operation of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and a growing number of licensed guides make Croatia an attractive and safe destination for active tourism.

Be Active Feel Good

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Via ferrata

offers an exciting mix of alpine hiking and rock climbing. The term refers to protected mountain climbing routes consisting of anchored cables, rungs, steps, bridges, and ladders, which allows lesser or even inexperienced hikers and climbers to face otherwisedangerous—but incredibly scenic—routes. The Dinaric Alps are unique mountains designed to enjoy the Via Ferrata climbing due to stable rock which is very suitable for climbing. Additionally, each new step and movement open new views that are unforgettable.

Let's combine the safety of walking and adrenaline of climbing!