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Nature & Adventure, consulting was established as a result of education and multi-year professional work in the nature protection sector and experience acquired during several years of sporting activities in nature. Based work interests are Nature and people in it. Knowledge about nature protection and sustainable development and the skills of active and safe stay in nature combine theory and practice. This ensures the authenticity in action and builds trust as well. There are two main areas of Nature & Adventure work: consultancy focusing on the nature conservation and sustainable tourism, and active tourism guiding service
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" is the message of M. Gandhi,
and Nature & Adventure strives to live the realise that only a balanced man creates a preserved nature!  
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Milena Šijan

Milena Šijan (mag. educ. biol. et chem.; univ. bacc. oecol.) have nature-based education and nature-related lifestyle. In 1993, she graduated in Biology-Chemistry at the Faculty of Science in Split and 2005 in the direction of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Molise, Italy and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Split. Education from natural sciences and sustainable development enabled her five years of work in the education sector and 16 productive years of successful work in nature protection through numerous national and international projects. Work experience as the assistant and then as the project manager within Nature protection program of the Association for nature, environment and sustainable development Sunce, through numerous national and international projects, resulted in a capacity related to protected areas. In the desire to increase knowledge, Milena has also attended a range of informal education from various topics of nature protection (management planning and sustainable tourism in protected areas, monitoring of species, Natura 2000 ecological network, training, facilitation etc.) and thus focused on the field of interest - protection of nature and the development of sustainable tourism! With a professional career, Milena Sijan has been actively engaged in various outdoor sports for 25 years. As an alpinist of the Croatian Mountaineering Association, she participated in two Croatian female Himalayan expeditions "Cho Oyu 2007" and "Everest 2009" during which she climbed the "Roof of the world" - Mount Everest. Along with alpinism, other sports are also interesting, and she has been a member of the adventure racing team for a few years. Fascination about the sea and work on protection resulted in diving and her status as the CMAS Diver R **. The bicycle is one of the favourite ways of movement. 25 years of membership in the Mountaineering Association Mosor Split and 13 years of membership in Croatian Mountain Rescue Service complement her connection with nature and useful social work.