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Insurance Policy

During our active day, your safety is our primary and most important task. Our guides taking care that every participant get information about the safety procedures and they are always ready to help you in a case of need. We do everything we can to keep your activities safe and secure. Despite preventive measures, situations that are not planned may occur. Therefore, all of our participants in each activity are covered by injury insurance included in the price of the trip. The provider of the insurance policy is Wiener osiguranje, Vienna Insurance Group d.d. As a pioneer in the insurance business in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the Vienna Insurance Group has blazed a new trail and has thus successfully positioned itself in 25 countries. By offering innovative products, local Group companies provide insurance solutions that are in line with the needs of the people

Wiener osiguranje, Vienna Insurance Group d.d.
Slovenska ulica 24
HR-10000 Zagreb
MBS: 080026313
PIN: 52848403362